CSI (ETABS, SAFE, SAP) Analysis Files Extensions

After running the structural models they create numerous analysis files with strange file extensions. These analysis files contain information about analysis.
More information about the file extensions can be found on CSI official webpage:
When sending model files to someone only two files are needed; one model file and another its text file.
Why we need to delete the files? They take too much of space. A single model may be 10MB for example, but after analysis, the folder size reaches sometimes upto 1GB.
For example for a simple model!
An increase of about 62 times!
Deleting the Files
1) From program
 To delete the analysis files, there are many ways;
Open the model, goto File>Delete analysis files>
There are 2 options; one for deleting analysis files of that model only and another to delete files of all the models in that specific directory. Here it can’t delete the files of models in sub directories. Just imagine if you have a large project containing many buildings having at least 2 models, all in separate directories, so would have to open all of them one by one and delete files this way.
2) Manually Deleting the Files
Another method is to search and delete the files yourself. Unfortunately, I could not find on internet a complete list of all the extensions of analysis files used by these softwares. Anyway, I have tried to compile all the extensions (see below) and If I have missed some please let me know. You could manually delete the files by searching the extensions given at the end of this post.
3) The best method
While writing this article, I came across a very interesting method to do all that crap. There is a file called Eat.bat in ETABS and SAP program files.
This Eat.bat is found in ETABS and SAP folders but not in SAFE and extensions could be found if you open the file in text format.
Instead of using Eat.bat, I created a program that deletes all the analysis files of SAP, ETABS and SAFE even in sub-directories by using the switch ERASE /S /Q *
Extensions of CSI softwares:-
1) SAP
*.MSH, *.MSH, *.K , *.K_?, *.K~?, *.Y??, *.$$?, *.C1, *.D1, *.F1, *.K1, *.M1, *.C3, *.D3, *.F3, *.K3, *.M3, *.T3, *.C4, *.D4, *.F4, *.K4, *.M4, *.T4, *.C5, *.D5, *.F5, *.K5, *.M5, *.T5, *.C6, *.D6, *.F6, *.K6, *.M6, *.T6, *.C8, *.D8, *.F8, *.K8, *.M8, *.T8, *.C9, *.D9, *.F9, *.K9, *.M9, *.C11, *.D11, *.F11, *.K11, *.M11
*.$$?, *.$$?, *.BRG, *.BXL, *.BXP, *.BXR, *.CSE, *.CSG, *.CSP, *.CSJ, *.F1 , *.F3 , *.F4 , *.F5 , *.F6 , *.F8 , *.F9 , *.F11, *.FUN, *.ID , *.IDS, *.JCJ, *.JCP, *.JCT, *.JOB, *.K  , *.K_?, *.K1 , *.K3 , *.K4 , *.K5 , *.K6 , *.K8 , *.K9 , *.K11, *.KSB, *.L3 , *.LBK, *.LBL, *.LBM, *.LBN, *.LIN, *.M1 , *.M3 , *.M4 , *.M5 , *.M6 , *.M8 , *.M9 , *.M11, *.MAS, *.MSH, *.MTL, *.NPR, *.P1M, *.P1S, *.P3 , *.P4 , *.P5 , *.P6 , *.P61, *.P8 , *.P9 , *.PAT, *.PDE, *.PDU, *.PPD, *.R  , *.RSI, *.RU , *.SCP, *.SEC, *.SEV, *.SHS, *.SPC, *.T3 , *.T4 , *.T5 , *.T6 , *.T8 , *.XMJ, *.XYZ, *.Y??
*.$sf, *.$sf, *.C4, *.C9, *.D9, *.F9, *.fbk, *.ico, *.K~0, *.K~I, *.K~J, *.K~L, *.K~M, *.K9, *.M9, *.xsdm, *.Y, *.Y$$, *.Y~, *.Y~1, *.Y00, *.Y01, *.Y02, *.Y03
If you are using all of these programs, you will most probably like to search one time all of these extensions. So here I have merged them
*.MSH, *.MSH, *.K , *.K_?, *.K~?, *.Y??, *.$$?, *.C1, *.D1, *.F1, *.K1, *.M1, *.C3, *.D3, *.F3, *.K3, *.M3, *.T3, *.C4, *.D4, *.F4, *.K4, *.M4, *.T4, *.C5, *.D5, *.F5, *.K5, *.M5, *.T5, *.C6, *.D6, *.F6, *.K6, *.M6, *.T6, *.C8, *.D8, *.F8, *.K8, *.M8, *.T8, *.C9, *.D9, *.F9, *.K9, *.M9, *.C11, *.D11, *.F11, *.K11, *.M11,  *.$$?, *.$$?, *.BRG, *.BXL, *.BXP, *.BXR, *.CSE, *.CSG, *.CSP, *.CSJ, *.F1 , *.F3 , *.F4 , *.F5 , *.F6 , *.F8 , *.F9 , *.F11, *.FUN, *.ID , *.IDS, *.JCJ, *.JCP, *.JCT, *.JOB, *.K  , *.K_?, *.K1 , *.K3 , *.K4 , *.K5 , *.K6 , *.K8 , *.K9 , *.K11, *.KSB, *.L3 , *.LBK, *.LBL, *.LBM, *.LBN, *.LIN, *.M1 , *.M3 , *.M4 , *.M5 , *.M6 , *.M8 , *.M9 , *.M11, *.MAS, *.MSH, *.MTL, *.NPR, *.P1M, *.P1S, *.P3 , *.P4 , *.P5 , *.P6 , *.P61, *.P8 , *.P9 , *.PAT, *.PDE, *.PDU, *.PPD, *.R  , *.RSI, *.RU , *.SCP, *.SEC, *.SEV, *.SHS, *.SPC, *.T3 , *.T4 , *.T5 , *.T6 , *.T8 , *.XMJ, *.XYZ, *.Y??, $sf, $sf, C4, C9, D9, F9, fbk, ico, K~0, K~I, K~J, K~L, K~M, K9, M9, xsdm, Y, Y$$, Y~, Y~1, Y00, Y01, Y02, Y03


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