Reviewing Multiple CAD Drawing Titles

To review just the title block, you have to carry the whole drawing set and turn the A0 set page by page, making the task much more tedious. While working on a project in Bahrain, I thought to simplify it. The idea is very simple.
Instead of reviewing the title block on the whole drawing set, why not print all the title blocks on A4s. Couple of A4 pages are more handy than complete drawing set of a project which may exceed 300 drawings sometimes.
Now the process, simple as it looks, make a pdf print of any drawing with window drawn on the title block, name this setup and save and close the dwg file. Now publish and select all the drawings you need, apply this same setup on those files, and specify the location to save. It will create a single PDF file having all the pages. Just print from Adobe PDF, by selecting multiple pages options.
STEP 1: Open the drawing (not as read-only)
STEP 2: You will be printing only this window at the corner. 


Enter plot command in CAD, select window option. See picture below:-


STEP 3: Select PDF printer and save these settings. You will need these settings again for other files.


STEP4 : Now print it and give it a temporary name on your hard disk. Save the drawing file


STEP 5: Now run publish command in CAD and open all the drawing files. Select all and apply the settings saved as Setup1 in previous step.


Click on import to bring those settings saved during previous setup with the name Setup1
To include only the layouts in publish dialogue box, you can un-select the option shown in image below


After applying settings file Setup1 on all drawings, it will look similar to the following graphic


STEP 6: Auto CAD will publish all the drawings based on your settings in Setup1 file. It will create a single pdf file including all the drawings in A4. Look at the image below for example


Now you can print multiple pages on single A4 sheet. 

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