Printing Drawings in Order of Drawing List

I just came across one of my old tools. Its a handy tool for printing drawings in order that matches with drawing list order, and can be downloaded from the link below

So the problem is, you have drawings folder and want to print, but drawing numbers are such that they are not sorted properly. This tool can do that by following steps;
1) Select the main folder where main pdf drawings are saved.
2) Export Excel (sorted) drawing list to a text file with first line as the first drawing number and the last line as the last drawing number and select this file with “.txt” extension.
***CAUTION*** Drawing numbers in drawing list must be same as saved in a folder. (Hint: You can use folder list utility, For example this one)
For example you have a text file containing drawing file numbers as;
Then, original file names in drawing folder should be;
3) While “SORT FILES ONLY (NO PDF MERGE) is still selected, press the button “RENAME & MERGE”
***CAUTION***if any file is missing or opened by another user, it will ask you for the appropriate option.
Now if you want to print these drawings on plotter where you have limited memory, you can make set of drawings.
1) Starting instructions again from step2, uncheck the “SORT FILES ONLY (NO PDF MERGE)” and select no. of sets. For example if you have 300 drawings, you can have 30 sets, each including 10 drawings. So you will put 30 in the field and the press the merge button.

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