Load combinations for ETABS & SAFE

Generating automatic load combinations in SAFE & ETABS is easy but if other loads are present like hydrostatic and surcharge pressure or fluid pressure and temperature loading, you have to create the load combinations manually.

Download the file and you will have two flowcharts (prepared in lucidchart.com) for service and ultimate load combinations. You will also find sample template models for ETABS & SAFE. Text and excel files are also included.

They include temperature (THOT & TCOLD), fluid pressure (F), wind (WX & WY), quake (EQX & EQY), hydrostatic pressure (HSOIL & HSURC).



  1. Are we sure that 1.4(D+H) is an ultimate combination? Should this combo (ULT1) only apply to ‘Fluid’ pressures? (Type F)

  2. A little more research has shown that vertical hydrostatic upload loads are (F) type loads and lateral fluid pressure loads are (H) type loads. So your flow charts should be designed with this in mind. For instance there is no 1.4D+1.4H, as the combos are desgined such that F loads have the same value as D type loads, and H loads have similar effects as L type loads. The F and H are not interchangeable as your flowchart would indicate.

  3. Dear waseem first of all i appreciate ur novel approach abt launching this fairly informative site abt structural engineering issues.i hv gone through a variety of materials over etabs load combos bt the material seemed quite contradictory with one another.i also saw ur comments over SEFP abt my query bt im unable to understand fully.plz write down in a step by step way procedure to add load combos in general practice.after renaming combos how to import n how to make enveloping. Thanks

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