Why can’t you?


No matter how far we reach, how wild we become, the unquenchable desire that burns us so ferociously will never get cold. This is what we are. It is our sole identity; to get what we want. We think different what others simply cannot and then we straightaway go for it. For us nothing is off-limits. We seek challenges and true perfection yet simplicity. Never fear anyone, not from your foes and adversaries, not from their devilry tactics and lethal attacks. Don’t despair.

Today let me tell you candidly my unvarnished feelings about our capabilities. Inventiveness is the alternate name of our life. We run under searing hot sun. When they write about us, our stories become riveting instructive tales of our endeavors. Our bravery deflects a naive, petulant thought slave into an extra ordinary artistry geek of our nation. How could you even define those moments of ecstasy when a new idea is born in your mind? Nations who had demurred about our intellect are extolling our leaps of imagination.

Shake your demons, and never shed tears of fury. Control your occasional bursts of feeling down periods. Be onstage, be someone to pay homage for. Pave a way out of your scattershot lives to your ultimate destiny.

A motivational speech from the leader of a jungle to inspire the animals of his nation.


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